Orgyia gonostigma larva feeding on Vaccinium myrtillus;

gonostigma female has no wings and this species is rarely found in woodlands of  Sweden



a glimpse of  photographs

                Please enjoy!

                               Göran Waldeck

Lemonia dumi larva feeding on its foodplant Taraxacum vulgare

Lemonia dumi female adult just emerged

Gastropacha quercifolia f. alnifolia larva in last instar just ready to pupate

A closer look at the head of Gastropacha quercifolia f. alnifolia larva

foodplant: Pyrus malus

Proserpinus proserpina larva feeding on Epilobium angustifolium

pattern and colour of larvae vary a lot

Colias palaeno uvum placed beneath a leaf of Vaccinium oliginosum

palaeno is quite common in peatbogs and swampy inland areas

Euproctis similis larva feeding on Pyrus malus

please beware, because this larva is equipped with stingy hairs

Cucullia absinthii mimicry on Artemisia vulgaris

unluckily this particular specimen later showed to be affected by parasite

Diaphora mendica larva runs very fast

Acronicta euphorbiae larvae found on Sedum telephium

typical pattern in early instar

P nordmanni larva almost full-grown by feeding on Corydalis intermedia

Parnassius nordmanni is endemic to Caucasus area

this is a nice male just emerged

Parnassius apollonius narynus larvae feeding on Sedum telephium

this particular species breeds in Khyrgystan Mts in Central Asia

P apollonius narynus male just emerged


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