Actias dubernardi is a rare species of Saturniidae. This specimen was bred by my brother Åke. Dubernardi larvae are feeding here on Pinus silvestris L. 

May, 2009



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Göran Waldeck

Papilio machaon Linnaeus 1758

The machaon machaon female, here shown, is somewhat larger than the male and has more rounded forewings.

June 3.

Parnassius mnemosyne Linnaeus 1758

Parnassius mnemosyne hartmanni female. Its black appearance is unusual. June 11.

Hyalophora columbia S I Smith 1865

Hyalophora columbia male just emerged. This species is normally breeding in North America.

June 11. 

Brahmaea hearseyi White 1862

Brahmaea hearseyi female just emerged from its pupa. This is a really a huge, extremely  patterned moth. 

Breeding extension: South East Asia. June 12.

Brahmaea hearseyi larva, almost full-grown. In captivity the larvae accept well leaves of Ligustrum.  June 24.

Mimas tiliae Linnaeus 1758

On June 13 a bred Mimas tilae female emerged. It was set out in the forest in a pairing trap.

This morning the result was as shown above, a wild male had mated her. June 14.

Parnassius phoebus Fabricius 1793

Parnassius phoebus sacerdos larva on Rhodiola rosea. June 21.

Parnassius phoebus sacerdos female imago.  This ssp of phoebus is breeding in the European Alps. July 10.

Parnassius a limicola Stichel 1907

Parnassius a limicola is a huge ssp from the Urals. This is a male specimen. July 10.

Parnassius a paphlagonicus Bryk & Eisner 1937

Parnassius a paphlagonicus female.
Photo copyright © Otto Feldner

Parnassius a onarani 

Parnassius a onarani pair mating- Ssp onarani is a recent discovery in 1987 from Turkey.

Cosmotriche lunigera Esper 1784

Cosmotriche lunigera larva nicely patterned,  here on Picea abies Linnaeus.  August 19.
Photo copyright © Göran Waldeck

Hyalophora columbia Smith

Hyalophora columbia on Prunus.  August 25.
Photo copyright © Göran Waldeck

Dasychira pudibunda Linnaeus

Dasychira pudibunda larva in forth stage. August 26.
Photo copyright © Göran Waldeck

Hyles vespertilio Esper 1779

Hyles vespertilio male just emerged from its pupa. .
Photo copyright © Göran Waldeck

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