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Some profiles of well-known scientists, described in brief



      Perhaps it was the ideas of the Age of Enlightenment that started a more profound study of the plants and animals of the earth. "Back to nature" was then the parole and obviously among people it was understood positively as they devoted themselves to get involved into more detailed studies of the abundant plant and animal life of the earth.  The intentions could be both noble and crass. Anyhow, a string of new elements have been introduced since the 18th century when we now study nature through our modern instruments - so well-developed and complicated - and techniques, exceptional communications and not at least our financial resources to investigate this fantastic world in detail. That was not the situation in the 18th century. At that time primitive - compared to our time - methods were used, poor communications and obviously, poor protective nets for the fragile human being. But great enthusiasm, which was the mainspring of the scientists, was completely overwhelming. In this Linnaeus was the great pioneer who, figuratively, started to set the wheel in motion, and, it still keeps on rolling. This unpretentious work will be under constant construction and fragmentarily presented. To grasp the extent of natural sciences of the world is an impossible task. Especially I admire among all scientists the German Alfred von Brehm (1829-1884), who probably is the owner of most knowledge ever accumulated among men concerning animal life on earth.

     You will find on my sites huge gaps of knowledge, probably more extensive than the contents in itself, but if there is somebody out there in position to offer some more pieces of the puzzle, they will be welcomed with my deepest gratitude.

     By the way, Entomology is closely related to Botany, as an entomologist has consequently to be a partial botanist. You are welcome to watch my pages and take part of Natural Science History - primarily seen through the eyes of a humble amateur entomologist.

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1. Carl (Carolus) Linnaeus  

2. Linnaeus' disciples  

3. Some Swedish entomologists and other scientists from the 1700th, 1800th, 1900th and early 2000th Centuries

4. Some foreign entomologists from the 1600th, 1700th, 1800th, 1900th and 2000th Centuries

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